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Well, it’s been another crazy busy day, scrambling around to sort out everything before my big trip home and because of all of this, I am left again without much time to write on the blog. But rest assured, instead of fruitless words, I am going to leave you with some unbelievable shoe porn that will leave you yearning for a pair of Altan shoes. Don’t thank me now…it’s my pleasure! I might try and squeeze a post out tomorrow before my flight but if not, then I will hopefully be back on Friday….

5 thoughts on “Altan Bottier Beauties!!”

  1. Outstanding to look at, but wearable? I mean in the physical sense, not the sartorial: some French and Italian shoes seem so long and thin; is there a big market among elves? 🙂

  2. Very Nice Designs…..Patinas are Breathtaking!!! the 2nd & 3rd pair (from Top) are Absolutely to My Taste………Epic Photos,Justin…have a safe trip home…….

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