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Dear Readers,

I know that I normally do long posts on Monday, and I actually was writing one and had finished all of the text, when the internet froze and deleted a paragraph and a half of writing. Today has already been “one of those days” and now I simply can’t be bothered to finish it by tonight. That being, feast your eyes on these beauties, by Altan Bottier, and please come back tomorrow to read my post about the different grades of shoe craftsmanship.

Thanks for your understanding.

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

3 thoughts on “Shoe Of The Day – Altan Bottier”

  1. thrilling works of art…….very much to my taste…thank you for posting,Justin…by the way,are they Bespoke?

  2. Thank you Justin for feeding my habit. Another brand that I was not aware of that I now, simply must have. I guess I need to take a trip to Paris. These shoes are absolutely a gorgeous work of art.

  3. Gentleman90 – Lovely, right?! I am pretty sure that they are blake stitched and factory made, by the looks of the sole….

    Peter – Glad to have helped feed your addiction….considering the amount of shoes that you buy, i hope that my line has the same affect on you 🙂


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