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Picture Courtesy of: Claymoor

This is the greatest picture that I have ever seen, hands down. Nothing else in the world compares to the idea behind this, and I absolutely love it!! One of the cool things about Alfred Sargent, is the fact that they seem to be quite open to experimental projects, as this ultimately was. While I won’t say who (as the last time that I mentioned it they got a bit fussy with me), even though it now seems to be quite public, the idea behind this came from a collaboration between some of the members of a men’s style forum and shoe company Alfred Sargent. I can’t really speak on why they did this, but I can thank them for taking this amazing picture that just goes to show how beautiful shoes/boots can be when one actually puts some thought into their execution and does something a bit outside of the box….On that note, I can’t really decide which one is my favorite, but I would definitely have them all in a heartbeat! And the more that I see balmoral boots, the more that I desire them and the one pair that I have is just not cutting it (as far as quenching the thirst that I have for them). I think about three more in the wardrobe would do me just fine…..

I hope that everyone has a nice weekend, and if you have not voted for the shoe shine contest, please do as Saturday will be the last day to do so….

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

8 thoughts on “Alfred Sargent – Circle of Balmoral Boots”

  1. How do you clean a shoe which is both suede and leather? Do you just have to be really careful at the border of the two materials?

  2. Yes yes yes! I love all of them!

    Any idea how much these cost, either RTW or MTO? I sympathise entirely with your obsession!

    I second the question above about leather and suede though: I have a pair of grey suede derbies I like a lot, but don’t wear too much as they just don’t keep their looks for long.

    That experience has put me off buying combinations like this. I’ve had my eye on some leather/suede spectators (well, more than one pair actually!), but worry about keeping them smart and just don’t dare buy them. Suggestions?

  3. Hi Justin,
    Sorry for coming up with this off topic question. It happens that I have just realized how clarification is still wanting as to types and quality of soles. How many types are they? Is the devide handgrade vs benchgrade a good starting point?
    Many thanks in advance for your help.

  4. Anon – Precisely…you just really have to be careful and make sure that you keep your fingers far away form the suede when polishing…

    Alex B – can’t say really, I think that their Handgrade collection retails around 495 (I could be wrong though). Usually for an MTO there is another 100-125 mark up on that, so I would say from 600-700 give or take….as for your concern, I really don’t bother much with the part of the shoe that is not leather, and just keep up the leather with a polish every now and then, and just polish slowly as not to get into the non-leather area…

    John – a bit confused when you say ‘quality of soles?’ Really there is just different quality of leather used on soles, and then there is different ways to decorate it, but there is not one sole used for benchgrade and one sole used for handgrade, and another for bespoke. It just varies really….

    Laurence – I believe that it is an older model called ‘Dalmore’, but it would appear that their current balmoral boot is called ‘Miller.’


  5. Thanks Justin; good to know. Actually for future reference, it’s always nice to know the ball park cost of something you’re highlighting on the blog.

    This applies especially with the higher-end marques who don’t tend to discuss the vulgarities of money on their websites!

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