Gray Balmoral Boots?…..YES, PLEASE!

Gray Balmoral Boots?.....YES, PLEASE!
Photos Courtesy of Zimmermann & Kim

Grey is so underrated and underutilized in the shoe industry, at least in the part of the industry that I care about. Sure you have gray patent stuff by the likes of D&G or other fashion labels, but why don’t we see more grey used for shoes like oxfords? For me, a dark grey color like this one used above is precisely the color that could be utilized under almost any color of suit. The question would be, what color of suit couldn’t this go with? And maybe the gentlman that ordered this beautiful MTO by Gaziano & Girling was thinking just the same. An intelligent person? Probably! Nevertheless, as always I am never let down by the beauty of G&G shoes and what better than a nice balmoral boot to sweep me off my feet! And while this should ideally be a shoe of the week, I just couldn’t help but show you all earlier than Friday. So the next time that you are thinking to customize your shoe, maybe give grey a chance….you just might not regret it!

For all the specs on the shoe plus a lot more pictures, see HERE.

Gray Balmoral Boots?.....YES, PLEASE!

3 thoughts on “Gray Balmoral Boots?…..YES, PLEASE!”

  1. Herring Shoes had a few styles available in grey up until about a year ago.
    Oxfords mainly.
    Guess they weren’t big sellers.

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