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Shoes Of The Week - Crockett & Jones Boot

It’s funny because the last time I was in Spain, working out my prototypes, I was thinking of the different combinations of colors/materials to use on my balmoral boots and a medium brown paired with a snuff suede was precisely what I had in mind, until I saw these boots by Crockett & Jones….. While my boot is quite different, aesthetically in shape and pattern, and using similar colors is by no means copying, being the weird individual that I am, I am now having second thoughts about using these colors as I do not want have something that is too similar to someone else’s shoe/boot. At least not for my first collection….but then again, I have a couple of months to think about it and when my prototypes are all finalized, I am planning on giving all of you a chance to influence the different color options that my shoes will come in.

But anyway, back to the subject at hand. When I saw these, I was pleased nonetheless, not only because I like them and enjoy shining shoes that I like, but also because these shoes come from an individual that appreciates nice shoes and it always makes me happy to meet people like this. This is already the second pair of his that I have put on the blog and am sure that there will be more to come…

I won’t be posting until at least Sunday, so I wanted to wish all of you not only a fantastic weekend but a wonderful New Years!! Enjoy the festivities……and until 2012!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Shoes Of The Week - Crockett & Jones Boot

Shoes Of The Week - Crockett & Jones Boot

Shoes Of The Week - Crockett & Jones Boot

Shoes Of The Week - Crockett & Jones Boot

Shoes Of The Week - Crockett & Jones Boot

3 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – Crockett & Jones Boot”

  1. I love the polished toe cap. It really adds something different without adding an additional colour.

    I don’t think I’m alone in not seeming able to wait until your collection comes out. I just hope I can afford a pair!

    Herring have a nice dark brown pair of Balmoral boots but they they appear to have a slightly heigher heel. Is this something that is normally associated with that type of boot?

  2. OwenB – No, a boot heel should not be higher just because it is a boot. I have never noticed that….Well, Owen, they will be around the 300 area, so they won’t be too pricey…not cheap though either… Glad to know that you are excited!

    Joseph – Sorry for the late reply but I had to go to the store and ask the name in order to tell you this. It is called the Somerville and is exclusive to the new store on Jermyn street in London. If you want you can contact Raul Londono there at +44 (0) 20 7839 5239. He told me that they will ship worldwide…


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