Introduced to the world in 1950, as a way for football (soccer) players to train on icy ground, the Adidas Samba has been one of the most popular athletic shoes of all-time. For Adidas, it is their second best selling shoe of all-time, right behind the Stan Smith, having sold over 35 million pairs worldwide. Over the years many other shoe brands have taken the design and shape from the Samba and incorporated it into the styles of their own models. That classic toe piece at the front of the shoe, with the suede part coming from the sides of the shoe up to the top toe part and then going down towards the laces, must have been ripped off at by at least 100 other styles of sneakers, if not way more, since their introduction. A legend in itself, it has come back stronger than ever. After having been only worn on the soccer fields for years or casually by the die hard fans, Adidas has finally seen the true potential to the style and re-released it an array of other color ways as well as material combinations. And thank God they did because the design of the shoe has always allowed for great potential in it’s ability to be a staple shoe.

Having always been a soccer player myself and wearing Adidas as my soccer shoes, I was never a fan of the Samba due to the long tongue that it used to have before it’s re-release. I never liked that. I thought that it looked horrible and that it would be uncomfortable. I was not a die hard fan but when they came out again last year, I quickly jumped on the band wagon and bought a pair when I saw that they had shortened the tongue. When I purchased them, they had only re-released the classic black with white and white with black options and so I went with the all white with black stripes and the gum sole. I went to Vegas shortly after and saw how many other color options they were starting to come out with being somewhat bummed out that I just bought the boring white with black one’s. Now they are everywhere in a million different color options and to be honest, I want all of them!!!

It’s hard to find a sneaker inspired shoe that goes good with not only jeans but flat front casual trousers and yet the Samba does and that’s what I love about them. They are a win/win situation. They are low cost ($65-$90) and they are versatile as well as relatively comfortable. Not much more that you could ask for! I am excited to see what new designs Adidas can come up for the Samba’s as well as seeing regular joe’s and jane’s sporting them and how they do so!

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  1. Wow Amazing and unique style. The shoes are awesome..All these looks are so comfortable and chic, and something ..
    This is soooooo cool! You truly are an inspiration to me to chase my dreams!
    I would prefer to wear in my daily life. Thanks for posting this.

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