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The long, braided-string tassel loafer has been a favorite of mine for a while now. I always admired the Anthony Cleverley version but never thought to add it to our collection until one of our French customers asked for it via MTO. Normally we do not make special requests like that as it was a change of pattern but as I wanted one for myself, I went ahead and made that happen! And thankfully I did, as the Issaquah string loafer has been one of our most successful loafer models to date.

The beauty of this model is that it presents a nice modern take on what might be considered ‘an old man’s shoe’. For me, the classic tassel loafer done by the US brands are a bit ‘old-mannish’ looking (think Cole Haan Pinch Tassel or Allen Edmonds’ one that looks the same), but the Europeans have mastered making a tassel loafer look ‘modern’ and yet still classic and sharply elegant. The Issaquah is just one example of that!

This S/S18 we decided to add 3 new colorways to our Issaquah range. With as much success as it has had it seemed silly not to ride that wave and offer people more options. In doing so, we gave birth to the Burgundy version, the Walnut Museum option and finally the Dark Brown Suede, my personal favorite. Even though I prefer the suede, I cannot argue with the beauty and uniqueness of the Walnut version. It is simply a loafer that you do not see often, especially in a color as rich as that.

If you a fan and have been mulling over getting one, allow us to help you make that decision easier, by getting an extra 10% off this weekend when inputting the discount code:†ISSAQUAH10

This code expires Monday 8am British Time so act fast!

Have a great weekend!!

Justin FItzPatrick


1 thought on “Introducing the Issaquah String Loafer – J.FitzPatrick Footwear”

  1. Joseph M. Rossini

    I think I have already gushed over how much I love these shoes all over the internet. But a question: I untied the tassels to condition and polish my pair. I re-tied them of course, but now I have two problems:

    1) They keep coming untied, no matter how tight I make the knots; and

    2) The tassels don’t lay as flat and straight as when I got them.

    Any tips? I’m not a sailor or a former boy scout, but I should think I could tie a simple knot. But alas, I can’t seem to do it properly.

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