Carmina Grey Balmoral Boots Skoaktiebolaget

One thing that I really like about the young shop in Sweden, Skoaktiebolaget, is the fact that instead of simply ordering what the shoemakers that they work with have in their current collection, they actually work with the shoemakers to create unique things that they feel would suit their market. And because of that, you get to see a lot more of the capabilities that the brand has to offer. For example, Skoaktiebolaget seems to work quite heavily with Carmina in making many unique models that are exclusive to their shop, such as these new balmoral boots in grey calf and vision suede. And while a lot of this is done for the Stockholm/Swedish market, the fact that we now live in a virtual world makes these beauties accessible to everyone. If more shops did this, then they would not have to fear the competition as each shop would theoretically have their own stock that was unique to them….

On another note, I will actually be going to Stockholm for a trunk show at Skoaktiebolaget on May 9th/10th in order to display my collection as well as bringing trial fits for those of you whom have been interested in knowing the fit/feel of my footwear range, J.FitzPatrick. †While it is still a ways off, I thought that I would mention it now so that you can mark your calendars. Either way, I will be reminding you all again closer to the time. I hope to see many of you there!!

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6 thoughts on “New Carmina Make-Ups at Skoaktiebolaget”

  1. That grey balmoral boot is a lovely make up. I am very tempted, even though I can’t quite envision how I would incorporate it into my business wardrobe. I quite agree that Skoaktiebolaget is to be commended for their unique offerings, and, I might add, their knowledgeable and helpful staff. Best of luck at your trunk show there.

      1. No I didn’t get them. I still think they are beautiful, but haven’t been able to envision how I would work such a light-coloured dress boot into my fall / winter wardrobe. I think that if it were a darker grey calf combined with a medium to light grey suede shaft, it would work better for me. Skoak has something along those lines scheduled for the coming fall, so I will see how it turns out.

        1. ah okay, I saw someone who bought them on SF and for some reason I thought it was you as I know that you were involved in the exchange of conversation….I will too look forward to seeing what they will be coming out with!

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