Winson Shoemaker ‘Gatoraide’ Model

Winson Shoemaker 'Gatoraide' Model

It would appear that the is the new ‘cap-toe ’ as most new shoemakers (younger than 10 years), are dropping adelaides as if they were the of the oxford family, thus replacing the classic cap-toe version that was the end all be all for shoe wearers prior to 2010. While I like cap-toes, I cannot say that I am disappointed that the adelaide has replaced the classic design as the go-to oxford shoe. I always loved the idea that the separate facing gave the wearer (and shoemaker) the possibility to be playful, as did prove here with their new ‘Gatoraide’ oxford. As doing things far too ‘safe’ is trend of most shoemakers, I love it when someone decides to be a little bold and make that facing piece in a (or material) other than that of the rest of the shoe. While not going overboard, that little details allows the shoe to be that much more unique.

One of the latest designs from Indonesian shoemaker, Winson, the ‘Gatoraide’ happens to be one of my favorites of his and with this continues to show not only his growth as a shoemaker but also as an artist and . The subtle touches displayed really put this shoe on a pedestal for me. I particularly love the gradient of the color of the alligator leather on the facing. Such a simple yet clever idea and really makes the shoe have a lot of character and stand out from the rest of the adelaides, and quite frankly from the rest of his own shoe models for that matter. I can only imagine that this idea is going down like a cold beer on a hot day for the rest of the shoe lovers out there as this is objectively stunning, to say the least.

I am proud of Emil (the owner) and love to see him continuously pushing himself to do better with each shoe he makes. That my friends, is real passion and it radiates with each pair made. And even more impressive is to realize that this beautiful and well made are less than $700 when ordering from him! Enjoy!

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Winson Shoemaker 'Gatoraide' Model Winson Shoemaker 'Gatoraide' Model Winson Shoemaker 'Gatoraide' Model

5 thoughts on “Winson Shoemaker ‘Gatoraide’ Model”

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  2. Ernesto Morales

    It’s a beautiful shoe. I like the lines, the colors, and the shape of these shoe.
    What’s there not to like????

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