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You know that when a shoemaker is quiet it means they are working hard to constantly improve their work. Winson Shoemaker has been doing this the last few years and it becomes more and more noticeable with each Instagram post that passes, where you see those lines becoming tighter and more refined in each shoe. Those waists and perfect fudging. The shape of the lasts. The finishing of the shoes, the leather shines, the hand-coloring etc. It all shows and it is inspiring. I am just waiting for the bang, of when his skills to get noticed by the industry.

But then I realize that sometimes when you are good and yet small your own success can be your demise. If you get too busy for your own good and have to turn clients away as you have no one else to assist you then you walk a fine line between wanting more presence and maintaining your capabilities of fulfilling orders.

I feel that Winson has hit this wall. I remember when I did my unboxing on some boots he made for me and I believe he told me he gained like 40 orders from it. It was great and I was happy to help someone with such passion yet he then told me that he did not want more marketing as he was now up to his eyeballs in work and had to now put in double time to be able to handle the orders. A great problem to have! And I am wondering if he will somehow scale his business as I see the work improving, which for me deserves recognition but at the same time do not want to over run his plate.

Yet I couldn’t help but want to show these beauties as I have been wanting to ever since seeing the new rendition. I highlighted this model back in 2019 when he first launched it and yet this one looks so much more sleek and improved. I can only imagine others agreeing and wanting to get on board with an order. It is easily one of the coolest single monks that has ever been created. I can easily envision 3 colorways I would order: 1. All black calf with single leather sole, 2. Dark Brown Suede with double leather sole & 3. Mid brown hatch grain on a commando sole.

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