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What They Are Wearing In Italy

Considering that the majority of influence in the fashion world stems from Italy I decided that it would be an intelligent idea to periodically update everyone on what is going on in Italy i.e. what they are wearing when it comes to their shoes and the region around their shoes (pants, socks etc.). You may wonder: Why are Italians so great when it comes to certain things, for instance; creating an outfit? You would never know unless you heard from someone else or lived there for some time. They are such a nonchalant race in which they make everything look so easy yet they have still managed to create some of the best art, clothing, food and cars the world has ever known. In my opinion, they are this gifted due to their idea of appreciation.

Picture At Top Courtesy Of: The Fashionist
Pictures Above Courtesy Of: The Sartorialist

When most Italians do something, they want to appreciate it to it’s fullest extent. When they have a drink, they want to sip it, taste it, cherish it and appreciate it’s existence. They don’t just gulp it down like much of the rest of the world. They same goes for food, clothing, cigarette’s, walks, the weather etc. Everything they do, they think about doing it in the best way possible, savoring it, appreciating it, maximizing it’s potential and ultimately creating the best possible outcome from it. The easiest way to see this in person is to have a nice, big lunch with an Italian family: Un bel pranzo! To the way they cook the food and how the table is set, perfectly with the different waters (sparkling or flat)and the different wines (red or white) and to everything all carefully planned out, you will notice that everything becomes picture perfect with not one thing out of place or of no use.

Pictures Above Courtesy Of: The Sartorialist

To get back on track with the post at hand, you will notice that this art of appreciation allows them to create things with their outfits or do/wear things that you might not ever find flattering, but looks damn great on them. For instance, white pants! According to these pictures by The Sartorialist and The Fashionist, it would seem that there are several different themes going on this year: 1. Wearing white pants with suede shoes and 2. Wearing loafers and no socks with your outfit, weather it be with jeans, trousers or a full on suit. Like I said before, how many people wear white pants? Not many!! It takes a certain individual of extreme confidence and style to pull them off and yet they do it so casually and make it look pretty much effortless!! Now obviously this is not the first time they have worn these themes but according to the grapevine and all of the pictures on the net it seems that these two trends seem to be appearing quite heavily this year. And why not? It looks great if you can pull it off. I, personally, am not a fan of doing either one very often but I would definitely utilize both looks if the proper occasions presented themselves.

Pictures Above Courtesy Of: The Fashionist

I look at these Italians and others who live in Italy and think that if they can do it, why can’t we? Why do Americans continue to follow these disgusting trends that make us look like morons or complete insecure individuals like those who are pushing 50 still trying to dress like they are 23? I will say it again, I love my country and my fellow Americans, but I absolutely hate the majority of our sartorial decisions. Maybe I am thinking from only one direction considering that, thankfully, I was blessed with some sense of style and I guess that others may not be so fortunate. But I wasn’t always the most stylish, it took lots of observation and experimentation to become who I am and I feel like anyone else can do it too!! It just takes effort. Maybe we are just lazy, I could definitely believe that. Our lack of caring for fashion and looking sharp paired with our laziness and desire to spend an entire day playing video games may continue to cripple our society of the possibility of ever being considered well dressed. How sad……….

Pictures Above Courtesy Of: The Sartorialist

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  1. I live most of the year in milan and believe me most men are really scruffy. I could photograph the first hundred men who come out of duomo metro and you'd be lucky to find one who was really the business, not trying to be contrary just truthful.As regards drinks , eh well they drink cocktails all the time and I suppose you do sip a cocktail. I think we get over excited bout the Italians.Its like the brazilian free kick syndrome

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