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It’s been quite a lovely Fall/Winter season here in London, weather-wise, which has allowed me to wear things that would be otherwise saved for the Spring/Summer, such as this light gray Prince of Wales (POW) suit. While I think that I have only been able to wear it once (as it was just recently completed), I am eagerly awaiting the warmer weather to be able to flaunt it’s beauty. I had always wanted a POW suit and now that I finally have one, I am excited to see all of the wonderful combinations that I can create with it. Here, unfortunately, I went the boring route with my black loafers, as even though the weather might have been relatively nice, you just never know when it might start raining. And to take a chance with my shoes, for me, is just a no-no. But as soon as Spring comes, you can bet that the browns, blues, suedes and tans will be the only shoes that I will be pairing with this suit….

Shoes: Miro by Septieme Largeur
Suit: Old bespoke, altered for me by Chittleborough & Morgan
Shirt: Can’t remember, but not Primark this time…from TK Maxx (in US = TJ Maxx)
Tie: Either XMI or Ike Behar

5 thoughts on “What I Am Wearing”

  1. Superchick – While I am not one for sticking to the rules, it’s funny that you said that. I asked several of my colleagues (all Savile Row salesman, MTM consultants and cutters) this and they said the contrary, that it is indeed meant for a DB suit, not a single breasted. To make sure even, I asked the head of the military, who probably knows more about British History than anyone else I know and he said that Edward VIII popularized it in the double breasted suit version first and then later adapted it to be worn for a single breasted, but also stated that it in reality, it just depends on the check size for whether it should be DB or SB….


  2. yeah I was talking to some older citizens in the pub and they said in the 30’s 40’s it was a bookie suit and always worn single with a snap brim trilby and suede brogues.

  3. Fabrics interesting Justin, I’m partial to pow with a blue check. However what on earth is going on with the cut here? With your sign gel breasted jackets you often wear them too long, here the reverse, the jacket is far too short! Lapels are very thin ( fashionable at the moment I guess) button placement is odd and not splayed out as I would have opted for .. also 4 button not as good a look as 6 IMHO. Shoulders need more padding on a double breasted fine worsted wool it looks odd to have such a soft shoulder .. if the material was heavier and coarser a heavy flannel or hopsack or even cashmere you could get away with the softer look.


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