I have finally received my first bespoke suit and I absolutely love it!! There is quite a long story behind getting it, however I really can’t divulge too much on that but let’s just say that it was a collaboration of artisans that put it together. This means, that it was cut by Chittleborough & Morgan (hence the wide lapel influence from Tommy Nutter), and then put together by a trouser maker at Huntsman and a jacket maker at Gieves & Hawkes….the beauty of being positioned on The Row…. As you may be able to see it was made of a navy flannel, something that I won’t get to wear too many more times before summer hits. So, at first chance of some cold weather, I decided to put it on, take some snaps and show all of you. However it was going to be a rainy day, and for the sake of not ruining my nice brown shoes, I decided to go with my black Hugo Boss loafers. But this was my downfall….as I later realized that by doing this, I was participating in the act that I love to hate: seeing men wearing beautiful suits with non-correlating shoes, aka crap shoes. While not saying that my shoes are really crap, but next to a bespoke suit, they are. I instantly regretted it but couldn’t really do anything about it so sucked it up and promised to never do it again….. And I just want to thank all of those that purchased my old shoes, because the money you exchanged me for them, went straight to this suit, something that I will cherish for the rest of my life!

16 thoughts on “What I Am Wearing – My First Bespoke Suit!”

  1. Hi Justin,
    This is an excellent investment indeed! Upon this first faux-pas, you now know what style of shoes that go well with such a nice suit!

  2. Jen – thanks! As one reader pointed out who apparently had experience, it is just awkward and difficult to smile while taking a photograph of yourself….would be different if someone else was doing it for me.

    Superchick – worthless comments as usual..

    Anon – Thank you!

    OwenB – I appreciate that…I had very good people working on it.

    John – It was indeed….


  3. You know I always like to see what you are wearing. I know you called your loafers “crap” but honestly I found them interesting. I could never afford anything bespoke. But it folks like yourself that help us “underlings” with matching and giving ideas. Just a humble librarian’s opinion.

  4. Superchick – You clearly do not know anything about menswear, which doesn’t surprise me…

    AFJ – yea I find myself constantly without a pocket square, don’t know why really considering the way that I like to dress…I just always forget about them…Need to correct that!

    Robert L – I appreciate the kind words and the fact that you enjoy the post. I am happy to hear that it gives you inspiration. Thanks for commenting.


  5. Bravo, sir.

    I love blue flannel. It is the most under-utilized color in the flannel family.

    The coat is excellent. It is the best that I have seen on you.

    I think that the trouser legs are a bit narrow for my taste.

    However, all around, four stars!

  6. Lapels are far too wide for a single breasted jacket which is cut fairly narrow and single button., too add the trousers are too narrow for this wide lapel. Jacket is also a little long for your build. Trouser cuff is very high for such a narrow trouser. shirt collar is small making head look big.. material difficult to see in detail but colour a very conservative blue, could have gone slightly lighter?

    How much did this cost in all? Hopefully less than 750 as I could find a better looking suit off the rack for you otherwise IMHO.


  7. Mike – you are good you….but I must say that you slipping a bit….you forget to mention that my socks have too many stripes, my shoes are not shiny enough, my tie should be non-knit, my shirt should be pink and that my hair has too much product in it….but nevertheless, please do keep me posted for your new book Dressing The Man: Part 2 by Mike, as I would hate to miss conforming to the sartorial rules laid down by legends like you who know it all….until then, I guess that I will unfortunately have to continue having my own style that I purposefully differentiate in respects to everyone else….


  8. I think it’s quite cool to have your own style and do what works for you Justin ..mike sounds like one of these people who lurks on style blogs where everyone looks exactly the same! No style at all as all clones! Anand

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