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Before coming to England, I can wholeheartedly admit that I did not have a clue about suits and good tailoring. I used to even work in a place that sold (what I believed to be) nice suits but after seeing the quality of the cuts and tailors here on the Row (as we snobs like to call it), I now realize that what I used to see in the States was like a top sirloin from the grocery store and now I am dabbling in the Kobe beef from a 5-star restaurant. It’s absolutely amazing what a good tailor can not only do for your figure, but for your whole image, and here at Gieves, we have someone who is rumored to be among the best and considering some of the things that I have seen him do, I don’t doubt it! And in this new found passion of mine (whereby I am selling my personal shoes to buy more suits), I have come to love a nice double-breasted suit. Something about it just really appeals to me even though I am quite sure that I may not have the stature for them, as I am not the tallest of guys. Nevertheless, I don’t care and will continue to pick up more and more of them, in every color I can! I must admit though, that my next order of suiting, is unfortunately not a DB, but rather a lovely navy flannel, peak lapel, single button suit and I can’t wait to get it!!

Shoes: J.FitzPatrick design, Gaziano & Girling produced
Suit: Gieves (older label)
Shirt: TK Maxx
Tie: Robert Talbott, Best Of Class

12 thoughts on “What I Am Wearing”

  1. I like the lapels but the trousers dont go with the jacket, Id get the lapels done with sharper points and have a forties look with just two buttons showing with the jacket falling from the arm pits in a semi drape. Looks weird to be honest and the fault is the skinny trousers. check out the matrial at fox.

  2. I’ve just ordered my first DB suit. Can’t wait!

    Plus they are some of the nicest shoes I’ve seen on your blog!!

  3. I love you shoes and the look but agree that the jacket seems to bold compared to the slim pants. Please keep this What I am Wearing post coming!

  4. Hey Justin, I agree with superchick on the trousers. They are too tight for that db coat. The thickness of the lapels is at odds with the tightness of your trousers. I think a slimmer coat, perhaps a two button sb, would work better.

  5. OwenB – Thanks as always Owen!! What color and fabric did you go for?

    Jason – Will do Jason!

    Dave – The thing is that the trousers are not tight by any means, which considering the amount of comments I am getting about it, I feel as if the picture is not representing the suit properly, maybe the angle or something. Nevertheless, this is a suit, so I cannot interchange the jacket, but my style is still my style and I quite like being “bold”, so wearing narrow trousers with big lapels is just fine for me. But I thank you for you observations and for commenting nonetheless. It’s always nice to get another perspective.


  6. I went for a plain dark grey flannel, very similar to that on you JF/G&G shoes. Just need to have the trousers adjusted a touch.
    It has a very vintage feel about it, especially with the braces buttons included.

  7. Justin, I like the whole look. I appears to be well thought out and each piece adds interest the next piece. Great job and appeal to the eye. Robert

  8. the notch on the lapel is too high almost hitting the top of the jacket. The is 0 roll in the lapels so I suspect the jacket has been pressed by a dry cleaner who has ironed them down!

    Wearing odd trousers so close in colour to the sports coat makes it look like a suit with slightly different shades on top and bottom

    Overall looks like a savage hunt down in a thrift store if perfectly honest ..


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