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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the new The Shoe Snob blog!! As I enter into the world of doing proper business, I decided it might be more intelligent to give my blog a bit of a revamp, to make it not only more professional looking and easy to read, but also more interactive.WhatI mean by that is that I will now start offering exclusive shoes/products for blog readers, such as this blackwatch tartan/shaded navy adelaide here, called Rainier. In a short while, you will see that this will be available to be purchased directly off of the blog (on a separate page) strictly for all of you, through a Paypal checkout button, either using your Paypal account or any credit/debit card (no account necessary). This is my way of trying to give back, by offering products to you that no one else will have access to.So stay tuned for this!!

I hope that you all enjoy the new layout and design and I look forward to start doing more interesting things on the blog now that it will be a bit more interactive.

Thanks as always for all of your loyalty and support!!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


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22 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Shoe Snob Blog!!”

  1. Looking good! Both the site and the Rainier. I would prefer the text a little bit larger, but that a minor detail! Also, you should add a link to your tumblr next to facebook/twitter etc!

    1. Dear John, hopefully by now you see that I took both your comments on board and enlarged the text!! It was a bit small wasn’t it?!

      1. Dear Justin,

        The enlarged text is much better IMO!

        However, I strongly dislike that visitor have to click “Read More” on each article and be redirected on the new page! I believe it is a pain if you want to read several articles. I think your notes are not so long to hide them on the main page.

        Just my $.02.


  2. Love the new site, it plays much better with my browser, if nothing else.

    And still love the shoes, makes me want a pair in my “official” tartan.

  3. Fresher and lighter air in this new blog’s face! I’ve fallen in love with these shoes. Please share the conditions with us and I’ll do my best to get them. Thanks!

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