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So as many of you may know, last week I was off at my factory, doing a bit of QC on the production, as well as thinking about the future and preparing for progress. While there I stumbled upon an error model that the factory made, just which happened to be something that I found quite appealing and that was my Marcos model (pictured above and below) in black box calf and black suede. What do you think? I was thinking about offering this at some point in the near future, particularly if it is something that all of you fancy…Do let me know, honestly….

Another thing that I was doing there was creating a new last, a nice chisel toe. Now, I have always liked the idea of a chisel toe, but have been quite fussy on how I like it cut. I respect the classic Cleverley and G&G shape, but I have always preferred the French style of chisel which instead of having an abrupt and very full toe end, like the English version, slopes gradually down from top of toe puff to end of the toe in quite a sharp and narrow manner. But as my target market is theoretically the London man, I have to not just do what I want, but rather what appeals to all. Therefore, I created two lasts and am having them both made up in order to make a final decision on who is the winner…

Last but not certainly least was that my good friend, Hugo Jacomet, stopped by today to say hi. It’s always a pleasure seeing him and his stylish nature. Three-piece Cifonelli suits and Corthay shoes, two things that make me incredibly jealous and envious…..and two things that I need to get as soon as I can afford them, particularly a Ciffonelli suit (just don’t tell my Savile Row tailor friends of my treacherous thoughts….)!!!

13 thoughts on “Vistis From PG, New Chisel Toe Last & Possible New Marcos Model”

  1. “I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty” – Imelda Marcos. Was she the inspiration behind the name Marcos? I like the inversion of your design; a step more formal. A good shine could see them as a great pair for black tie attire. What size are they?

  2. Just a thought on your Marcos: just because of the way it looks in the picture, it occurs to me that it would look very good in blue on blue. And I know you like that colour…

  3. The beauty of the seamless venetian is its simplicity, which draws one’s attention to the fundamentals–last shape and quality of material. Yours is a fine example. I would not clutter it with the suede detail. I might go so far as placing a strap (penny strap type detail), but that could make it indistinguishable from thousands of other loafers. I definitely would not go for that wrap around thing shown in the photo. Keep up the good work and good luck!!

  4. I like the style of the Marcos, however, I think the suede trim on the side quarter ( not sure I’d terminology) is too deep (wide) and takes away from the line of the shoe design. My personal opinion. Like the idea of navy on navy as well.

  5. That dude can’t afford them, but he’s a wizard so he magicked them into being. I need to get down on the slick wizardry. I wonder how long it takes to grow my hair to regulation wizard length?

  6. The Lummox – They are not inspired by her, but it was a good guess…I forget about her! Glad that you like them…they are a size UK8…but will be used as a sample….

    Adrian J – it’s actually on the same last as the original….only the colors/leathers changed…

    Alex B – thanks, I figured you might like the more stout one 🙂 Yea, the black without polish looks like dark navy…might have to try it in the future!

    Adrian D – thanks for the input!

    Anon – thank for your input as well. However, the idea of this post was simply for the color/leather change, not the model itself…it will be staying the same, as you said it yourself: taking away the long strap makes it just like every other penny loafer out there…whether or not the long strap will be for everyone, well I didn’t think it would when I designed it…I appreciate the input and kind words nonetheless however!

    MarkLA – Thanks for the input Mark…

    Adam – He can afford them actually….which is why he has them….


  7. I am so proud you’ve realised your dream for your shoes line. As for chiseled last, the Gaziano & Girling TG73 last and the Pierre Corthay Arca are the most beautiful chiseled lasts. Just a suggestion and personal taste.

  8. Jason – Thanks Jason, I truly appreciate that!! Even though I have the TG73, I can’t say that it’s even close to my favorite…i really do prefer the French chisel like that of Aubercy or Corthay….thanks for the suggestion 🙂

    Chris – Probably not until this Autumn at least…maybe later..still have not developed the last yet…


  9. Hi Justin

    I really like your new Marcos Model and look forward to seeing your chisel toe designs. Hope to visit Gieves and Hawkes soon.


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