Video Series – Rant – What is a Handmade Shoe?


In order to further my content, I will be doing more videos as what it takes me to say in 15 mins would take me 4 hours to write and unfortunately, I no longer have the luxury of 4 hours to spare on the blog, like I once did.

I hope that you enjoy this new style of content and please do stay tuned as I bring you more and more videos breaking down many of the interesting subjects of the shoe industry.

If you have something that you would like for me to talk about please leave it in the comment section so I can compile a list

Happy Weekend to everyone!



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5 thoughts on “Video Series – Rant – What is a Handmade Shoe?”

  1. I listened to your video on handmade shoes so interesting, but what about hand finished?And don’t mass market shoes have a place, allowing us peasants footwear 🙂 Although I don’t think you could call those natural shoes with the toes that look like foot gloves shoes…ewww.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      If the shoe is handwelted and handfinished then it is handmade. Most are not hand finished and that is the point.

  2. I know its a one take live video, and we all use different terms, but I personally like to call out Goodyear welted as a factory shoe, and Handwelted as a premium, as thats the process used in bench made and bespoke.

    To many people believe Goodyear welted to be a top tier production method and its a term used as premium above handwelted, as we know the Goodyear shoe is just held against a machine speeding up the welting process and any factory that uses Goodyear welting machines are most likey using every other possible machine over hand tools create the shoes.

    Anyways I agree with everything you say, especially the production output as my buisnes 20-30 per month and cant bear the thought of trying to produce any more than that.

    Im just confused at the terminology, isnt it better to bring back the term bench made?,bench made and bespoke. I hate the work hand made, Sheesh isnt everything these days.

    Keep up the good work.

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