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Time again, people have ruined their brand new shoes by being overzealous with their shoe care regimen when it was not necessary to even start with it.
Here I touch on the misconceptions and reasons why one does not need to immediately start conditioning their brand new shoes straight out of the box.
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10 thoughts on “Video Series – Rant – Do Not Condition Your Brand New Shoes”

  1. This is the second rant I’ve seen from you on this subject. Both are great. This one is more sophisticated and informative and should be read by anyone spending more than a couple of hundred bucks on GY welted or Blake stitched shoes. But your other one is good also. Maybe you should call them part one and two so your readers will know to read both.✌️Thank you.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thank you for your kind words Keith, I do appreciate them as I often get harsh feedback when making rants for those that take my words personally. Glad to know that some appreciate the direct approach and do not take offense. Thank you for saying so

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