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Video: Educational Series – Conditioning of New Shoes and Shoe Storage

In the world of shoes, there are many ideas of what to do and what not to do. But the reality is that there are no defined situations where this can be 100% always the case. Each situation involves a thought process and a breakdown of the factors involved to make a decision. Such is the idea to condition your new shoes, or not to.

Here I show how well a shoe can age in storage when properly cared for, essentially debunking the myth that new shoes need conditioning after purchasing as this pair went through every type of weather environment possible without so much as aging one day. All because it was properly cared for before storage and has good quality leather.

2 thoughts on “Video: Educational Series – Conditioning of New Shoes and Shoe Storage”

  1. Will conditioner on black dress calf leather upper be absorbed. The have a intensive hard finish to make them look flat with no variations.

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