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Dear Readers,

A while back, I asked all of you for donations in order to help hire someone that could relieve some pressures off of myself so that I could get back to working hard on the blog and continuing writing important posts that sometimes take me at least 4 hours to complete. Some of you donated to which I am eternally grateful and we raised a little bit of money that went to helping pay for someone that we did end up hiring in the end, my good friend Simon. He has been great about helping me on emails, CRM, in-store sales and hopefully soon processing MTO orders, among other things. It was much needed and I thank those that helped with that. The only problem (which is a good thing) is that the company has grown since then and I still find myself more and more without time to dedicate to the blog.

Some of you might have noticed this as I have been recycling older posts that I wrote in the past. This is not entirely in vain however, as I am also doing so in order to tidy up the writing, update old content and change photos in the hopes to clean the entire blog and get it ready for a change towards being more of a proper website and less of a blog. And the fact is that in the 800 or more posts that I have written over the course of The Shoe Snob Blog’s existence is some pretty informative content that many of you might have missed and would otherwise have a hard time finding, so I recycle it.

J.FitzPatrick Shoes

J.FitzPatrick Shoes

What I find really bogging down my time these days is prepping shoes to be sent out. Partially because I am a control freak when it comes to the shoes that I created, but also because I want to ensure the best possible presentation so that the end user smiles when he receives his goods. And in doing so, I shine (with the help of my colleagues) each pair that goes out. Needless to say this is incredibly time consuming and it takes away from me doing other things that could be helping the business grow in another way.

Therefore, what we are looking for is a part-time worker that can come in each morning Mon-Fri (or along those lines) and not only assist in shoe shining but also in the preparing of packages to be sent, among other tasks that small businesses have.

Should the sounds of this interest you, please send me an email to titled “Part-Time Position” with a picture of your best shoe shine as this will be the main criteria. But passion goes a long way too in my book so don’t rule yourself out if your shine is not the best, as tenacity is a trait that I hold dear!

Now while I don’t believe that people would be so cheeky to send something that is not theirs, I will say now that this will be a two part interview where the final task will be coming in to our workshop and shining a pair here whilst I wait.

Looking forward to seeing the results!!!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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2 thoughts on “The Shoe Snob Looks for Part-Time Worker”

  1. Out of luck.. Though i am more than willing to help you there, i was here in Indonesia without any chance to go help you. So sorry.. Here is a pict of my shined shoes. If you were going to do this in the long run, i would really like to go help you..

    Warm regards,

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