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I have been seeing Vahtia shoes floating around the shoe forums for a few months now, ever since MBShoeDoc got a pair of them and spread them across the Facebook groups, to all of the super shoe-enthusiasts of the world. Since then, I have followed pair by pair that they sell and the customer uploads, keeping my eye out for something that was intriguing but not quite there yet for me to really sink my teeth into. Until now.

Truth be told, I did not like the pair that MBShoeDoc got. There were many things that seemed ‘off’ about it from the leather to the pattern, and lastly the balance of the last. But it looked like they had potential and as a trend of shoemakers from Indonesia, and SE Asia in general, is that they start out rough, refine their skills by continuing to make shoes and eventually improve their work through sheer perseverance. And for this, I truly commend them as that is the way all great individuals have become great. We all start out rough. You only get better through repetition and learning from your mistakes and being able to accept critique, critique yourself and strive for consistent betterment. I saw it with Yeossal shoes, Winson Shoes, Paul Parkman, Per Nobile and many more. We don’t start great. We become great and I love to see an underdog adventure.

It would appear with their lastest Made to Order upload, that they have finally hit a point in their quality and shoemaking that I can stand behind and say: ‘that they have made it.’ I am happy to see it and proud of them for getting there. It is all too easy to accept mediocrity. But pushing yourself towards greatness is an achievement always worth praise. So here it is.

Get to know this brand. Order a pair. Support the underdog. In times like this, we need to.

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8 thoughts on “Vahtia Shoes – A Brand To Watch Out For”

  1. They definitely stepped up their game on these latest pairs. I have their austerity brogue boot and the wingtip derby. Curious which one you saw and felt the proportions were off. Thanks for the shout out as well.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      The austerity brogue boot that you had is the one that I did not like the pattern to, nor the leather from what I saw in the photos

  2. These latest pairs definitely demonstrate a step up in quality. My pair of Austerity Brogue Boots and their Wingtip Derbies are both from this company. Would you mind telling me which of the pictures you saw and felt had odd proportions.

  3. Just purchased this pair in dark brown. I’m glad that I’m hearing that Vahtia has stepped up their game. This is really a nice looking shoe. I can’t wait to see what they feel like on my feet.

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