Indonesian shoemaker, Winson Shoemaker, has recently blown my mind with one of his latest pairs made for a prominent IG shoe aficionado @thatguysshoes . I was blown away when I saw this, not only for the beauty and craftsmanship of them but for the fact that it proves that with passion, persistence and belief in one’s self anyone on this wonderful planet can become what they wish to. In this case, the owner of Winson, became an amazing shoemaker worth sitting next to the greats of the industry and only continues to prove this statement, shoe after shoe.

If you scroll back to the beginning of his Instagram page, you see a very amateur maker with shoes/boots nowhere even close to what you see now. And that makes me proud. And it’s good that he shows this. That he proves it. That the idea of practice makes perfect is there for a reason. And now look at where he is: making flawless beauties that leave you jaw-dropped as this amazing pair of balmoral brogues do.

And on top of that, the owner is a very nice guy. Young, ambitious, kind and definitely worth supporting. I applaud him for bettering himself day by day and hope that this post inspires you to do the same, no matter the field that you are in, but especially if you are an aspiring shoemaker.

Winson Shoemaker IG Page


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