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Here we take a closer look at these flawless handgrade shoes by Herring, that I recently unboxed. The workmanship is impeccable on these beauties and they nailed the last on the idea of an ‘almond’ shape. I love a round toe last, but not a traditional round toe like Alden and the like, but more of an almond style. But getting it perfect is not always so easy. This last is perfect in my mind and that is not to mention the rest of the details.

Even more impressive in this Herring shoe is the price for European-made welted footwear. The beauty of Portuguese-made footwear is that it usually holds among the lowest pricing for Western Europe manufacturing. So it makes sense that Herring teamed up with Carlos Santos to produce this line and be able to offer the lowest price possible.

Make sure to check out Herring’s site to learn more. And pay no mind to the misspeak of the “unboxing” video.

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