I love a good adelaide. And it would appear a lot of other people do too as they are becoming more and more the staple oxford choice not only in shoemaker’s collections but also in consumers wardrobes and daily wear. While the traditional cap toe oxford still reigns supreme in the realm of dress attire I have a feeling that its time is coming as go-to dress shoe and feel that the adelaide will be replacing it as ‘the staple oxford.’

That brings us to the Henry II by Herring Shoes. There are many adelaides out there but what I really like about this one is the little inverted dip into the facing design. It is very subtle feature but that little detail greatly separates this model from the rest of them. And secondly I love the fact that Herring made a spectator with this model but did so with a darker suede area than calfksin area which is non-confirming to the traditional idea of a ‘spectator’ that usually has a lighter suede/material (often white or beige suede/nubuck or canvas).

It makes the shoe more classic so to speak i.e. easier to wear for the common person that does not find themselves in garden parties in Savannah, Georgia. So it was a great idea on their part to “normalize” the spectator into a more versatile offering than what is traditionally created and sold.

I look forward to seeing Herring expand on this model and offering more two tone combos. I think they will do well with them. Something in burgundy would be nice! Previously they had a navy calfkin/sky blue suede one that was absolutely stunning. But sadly it was seasonal. Maybe they will bring it back if more people request it. See it below.


Pic courtesy of @gui_bo (IG)

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  1. Exclusivity guaranteed. Not mentioned here but these are the last of the line of Herring’s collaboration with Alfred Sargent, making up the higher end of their premium range and now sadly ended. In other words once they’re gone, they’re gone, since Herring is no longer stocking any AS models after these, in common with several other online retailers. In quality terms they’re rumored to be as good as the AS Exclusive range but spec’d slightly below, without the covered channel oak bark soles. So they should be priced slightly below AS’ own adelaide, the Moore, which retails at £475 against the Herrings at £445. Interestingly, Herring has discounted several Premier lines during the Covid-season sales but steadfastly stuck to its prices on all AS stock lines including these adelaides.

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