Here we take a closer look at these beautiful blue crocodile single monks by CNES shoemaker, that I unboxed last week.

The Rolf, single monkstrap in Navy Crocodile patina, is a part of their newly launched handwelted line. The most impressive thing about these flawless monks is the fact that they are under $1500 USD which is an unheard price for exotic leather such as this. Especially when you imagine that shoes of lesser quality with a larger brand image can/will charge you up to 4x that for the same style of shoe. Pretty impressive if you are someone that looks to add exotic shoes to their collection. Or even quite appealing to the person that has always sought to do so but never had the budget for it, which is understandable. Exotic shoes are often out of reach for most people. But not these ones!

From great making to great pricing, CNES is certainly a brand to watch out for. I look forward to seeing what 2023 brings for them. If it is half as impressive as what they did in 2022, it will be a good year!

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