Here, we take a look at a pair of exotic shoes in CNES’ handwelted range, the Rolf single monk with Norwegian stitching. It is an impressive pair of shoes and even more so when you realize the price is only $1500. CNES continues to impress with its new range of Handwelted shoes and I can only imagine that they will continue to impress as time goes on. I am already super curious to see what 2023 will bring.

If you have never worn exotic shoes, as a factor of the price – which is understandable, this could easily be your first jump into it, if it was something that piqued your interest. The pricing is unlike anything else in the marketplace and even more so appealing when it is affordable and looks as good as these do. I am quite unsure of how they manage that feat!

I hope that you enjoy yet another unboxing video highlighting the interesting shoes the industry has to offer

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2 thoughts on “Unboxing Series – CNES ‘Exotic Shoes’”

  1. CNES norwegian is not true norwegian. It is actually a stitchdown that has been braided. Careful observation of the stitching placement will reveal that.

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