Singaporean Atelier of menswear (shoes, clothes, accessories), Yeossal, has an interesting selection of TLB Mallorca shoes that no one else has, not even TLB themselves. I find many of them quite intriguing to say the least, especially the saddle brogue derby which is my favorite among them.

Yeossal has done a great job of carefully selecting unique pieces for their collections. A smart move by them, not only for their own local audiences but also for the worldwide customer as when 7 different retailers have the same shoes, it makes for a tough choice who to chose from. They made this easy for the customer, as they offer things you won’t find anywhere else, not even from the source themselves!

These 3 here are my favorites of the bunch, not only for their unique designs but also for the fact that they are quite different to what else is offered in the marketplace. A saddle derby brogue with cap toe is a far-and-few-between model. I think that Saint Crispins offers one in their collection but apart from them, that is a very unique offering right there. And for those that read my blog heavily, you will know that I am not a fan of derbies but love saddle shoes, so the unique combination of the two poses a treat for me.

The super U-cap design is my least favorite personally but the most unique in design, hence its highlight here. Its u-shape design on the cap is far more round than I have ever seen before. The u-cap is normally more like a rounded square u-shape. This design is truly more like a typical shape of the letter U, with a fluid round line. The design is interesting although I would have preferred it more if the actual cap was not so high up the vamp and it was closer towards the tip of the shoe. I think that would have made the pattern more attractive, but that is just my opinion.

Lastly is the classic balmoral oxford in a two-tone calf/suede combination. While the design is not uncommon, seeing it in a nice two-tone combination is. We all know that I am a sucker for two tones so this one is particularly appealing to me for that reason, also because truth be told TLB’s collection is very very classic and this is probably the boldest thing there is for a TLB shoe.

There are many others they have that are unique to Yeossal’s collection but for me, these are the three that stand out the most for my personal tastes. Yeossal ships worldwide via DHL so don’t discount their location for not ordering! And for those of you local to Singapore, they have free shipping for anything over 60SGD



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