Unique Design Feature by Berluti

Unique Design Feature by Berluti

Now that I am in a new territory for content, I passed by Bergdorf Goodman the other day and had a look at their selection of shoes to see what was popular here in the US. The brand ambassador for Berluti happened to be there that day and we chatted quickly about their selection. He was a nice guy and showed me what they had in stock. I managed to notice this extremely unique wholecut oxford that had decorative brogueing on it that was very intriguing in a design aspect. As you can see the brogueing fades into the quarter where it becomes less and less, removing one more aspect of the actual brogue design as it goes further and further down towards the welt, eventually disappearing into the leather altogether. I found this to be quite interesting as I had never seen anything like it and felt that it added a nice touch to making a wholecut done differently. Yet again when design is thought of with a bit of creativity, interesting things can be made without reinventing the wheel. Berluti did just that here with this unique wholecut.

Unique Design Feature by Berluti Unique Design Feature by Berluti

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  1. Seems Berluti is running out of ideas. Thats what happens when you have too many styles chasing the almighty dollar, euro, pound, yen etc.The shoe seems unfinished. Berluti’s original plain unadorned wholecut is far better!

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