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In this unboxing video, we take a look at some of the fine products that London-based haberdashery, Arterton London, offers at their luxurious online emporium

When one appreciates the finer things in life, particularly in their personal attire, the key to maintaining said goods are often in the small detail products that help to achieve longevity. Arterton London appears to be specializing in that craft and excelling at it as well!

Their shoe care collection from Paul Brunngard is impressive in terms of presentation. I certainly look forward to testing them out and seeing how the results stack up against the look of them.

As per the hangers, well while no expert on them, I do know the importance of keeping the shoulder filled out properly to not lose its shape as well as a good slope on it to properly maintain the shape of the back and collar. Good stuff all around and look forward to seeing what else this company brings to the industry!

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