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Ugly Shoes – Always Make Me Smile

Ugly Shoes - Always Make Me Smile

When I see shoes like this, I can’t help but feel sorry for the people that actually buy them thinking that they are cool and stylish. Granted, I come from the Western world, where views and norms are quite different than most third world countries, but I can’t imagine that these could be seen as elegant or stylish in any sane person’s eyes. It really makes you understand just how different people views/beliefs/opinions/tastes can be in other parts of the world. I mean, as a designer myself, I feel that if I took these shoes to Northampton to have a factory make them, they JUST might let me leave without giving me a black eye.

So when you think about the guy who actually designed these, in his mind, he was really believing that these were the ‘bee’s knees!’ And the fact that a store may have bought them, to sell them to the public, just goes to back up his belief. It’s crazy, that’s all I really have to say. I am just glad that, where I live, these are not the only options I have to choose from, because it that were the case, I would just have to go barefoot everyday!! Enjoy the smile you will get looking at these 🙂

UPDATE (June 8th, 2011) – It would appear that many people are misunderstanding what I was trying to say in this post, thinking that I was knocking 3rd world countries and saying that 1st world ones are perfect. NOT THE CASE AT ALL! (To back that up, read here – dedicated to 1st world inhabitants) What I was saying was that, IN MY OPINION, the ideology of how one should appear in public, is less conservative in many 3rd world countries as opposed to some of the Western world, such as the USA, where many men are afraid to wear what they truly like due to fear of being ridiculed. That being, I believe that (ugly) shoes such as this are more commonly accepted (in some 3rd world areas) because it is not as frowned upon to wear such things. If you still have a problem, and think that I am being stereotypical, then so be it.

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Ugly Shoes - Always Make Me Smile

7 thoughts on “Ugly Shoes – Always Make Me Smile”

  1. Justin… what’s wrong with a plastic “chromed” front of the sole? 😉
    We do have one similar importer here in Helsinki and I’m always wondering about who’s buying their products.

  2. Justin… what’s wrong with a plastic “chromed” front of the sole? 😉
    We do have one similar importer here in Helsinki and I’m always wondering about who’s buying their products.

  3. your a bit harsh on ‘third world countries’ here…bit of an ignorant stereotype in my opinion…There’s plenty of equally tacky crap made here in the west..

  4. Otso – little bit of irony there :-)?? I guess there is a market for everyone.

    Jack – I understand where you may have thought that I was knocking 3rd world countries, but that was not my intention. Granted, I have been to several (also part of where my heritage is from) and do see that the shoes that are sold there resemble this crap but I am not saying they are at fault for it. I understand that there is also A LOT of tacky crap in the west, maybe if you read a little bit more of my blog you would see that I take shots at everyone, so please, do not think that you are saving the day by calling me ignorant because IT IS MY BELIEF that shoes like this are predominately and UNFORTUNATELY sold in 3rd world countries. That is not to say that I have see much worse on the streets of London or Seattle, where I am from!

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  5. your english is pretty third world as well.

    “elegant or stylish in any sane person eye’s” ???

    it should be person’s eyes.

  6. ike – lol, ouch!! Thanks for catching my oversight, it commonly happens in blog-writing, as we are not professional writers. And yes, I would say that many American, these days, might agree with you that the public school education system could be compared to that of a 3rd world!

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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