Tri-Color Boots by Saint Crispins
Photo Courtesy of Leffot


We all know how obsessed I am with two toned shoes, but I have never ever been a fan of tri-color shoes, or tri-color anything for that matter (just ties). For me (in shoes) one color is boring, 2 is perfect and 3 is just too much. BUT, when I saw these beauties, by Saint Crispins, I could not help but admire and appreciate the colors/textures involved. And I think the thing that really hooked me in, was the patina like swirly effect going on in the mid-piece. It’s almost as if it helped the transition between the darker shade below and the lighter shade above. Had it not be there and it would have just have flat, I don’t think that I would have liked it as much. I definitely think that after seeing these, I believe the key to doing a tri-color shoe/boot is maintaining complementary colors. Anything contrasting and it just becomes too much when 3 colors are involved….. These are a true beauty though and are making me want to give it a go!


4 thoughts on “Tri-Color Boots by Saint Crispins”

  1. That St. Crispins boot, wow!! Granted it blends elements of two pairs of shoes I plan to have MTO so that proclivity tilts me to like them. But this pair is way better than either of my designs.

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