Today’s Favorites – Vass V Caps

Today's Favorites - Vass V Caps

When it comes to shortwings (wing-caps that don’t extend to the mid section of the shoe), there is a very fine line between well-done and ugly. These shoes right here, by Mr. Laszlo Vass, happen to be on the pleasant side of that scale, but make you think about how you feel about them (at least they did for me). At first I thought that they were a shortwing (from a quick glance at the picture) but the more that I studied them and their interesting angles and curves on the various ‘upper’ pieces, I started to realize (after actually reading about them) that they are not shortwings at all. They are simply a cap toe with a pointed middle section, or what they call a V cap. I think that simple fact of uncertainty that this style creates is part of what makes them appeal to me. It makes you want to give it a double take, wondering what style of shoe it actually is. Bearing that in mind takes me back to the post I wrote about in regards to unique styling, as it would appear that when creating this pattern for the first time, he wanted to create the child that a love affair between a shortwing and a cap toe would make!

Picture Courtesy Of: Zimmerman & Kim

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