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Proclaimed by me as ‘King of the Spectators,’ Barbanera (which mean’s black beard in Italian) has released their new range of shoes for the Spring/Summer of 2013. Keeping up with their two-toned theme, you’ll see some interesting pairing of colors, such as this black/burgundy adelaide with intricate brogueing, above. As fringes seem to be all of the rage these days they have also included a few color variations of a fringed monk strap called Jerry Lee, of which must be named after Mr. Lewis, who did indeed love a spectator! It is great to see another young brand (doing things a bit differently) making some headway by introducing new models, some fancy colors and some lovely and unique designs. This will never stop pleasing me to see, even if it is done by someone whom theoretically would be a direct competitor of mine, so long as it means that more men around the world will be wearing better shoes……Let’s just hope that it’s not always the same men buying all of these new brands, but rather new customers taking leaps of faith by trying something new and different!!

6 thoughts on “Barbanera’s New Collection for S/S2013”

    1. yea your are right…only I think they look miles better as they actually look new and not all ragged….the best one that I have ever seen though was probably the original shanghai by church’s from like the 70’s-80’s or whenever…it was lovely!

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