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In any industry, you can only do so many different things until you have to start repeating yourself. Yet, to this day, the shoe industry has not truly gone all out, when it comes to using unique coloring for their shoe styles. Maybe, this will always be that way, as business professionals will always need dark shoes to wear to work? Or maybe, one day, with the help of brands like Septieme Largeur, the world can become a little bit more colorful at the feet? Who knows in reality, but it’s good to see that certain brands are stepping away from traditional conservatism and opting for more unique offerings, bringing more color into their collections. This is also what I hope to do with my line. While I obviously need to sell shoes that can encompass the needs of the general public, there will definitely be capsule collections and other models that will appeal to the shoe freaks of the world, for those who thrive on things that stand apart from the rest. This is why I have come to love Septieme Largeur so much, for their balance in traditional styles, but with detailed differences in colorways and patinas.

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