A trip to Paris is not complete without me giving Septieme Largeur a visit to see what they have been cooking up! And it just so happened that a lot of their Fall/Winter 2012 product was coming in and I had the chance to take a couple of snaps for all of you to preview. I never tire of this brand because there is always something fresh to see, whether it’s a new patina color/variation or a completely new model, such as this lovely balmoral boot pictured above. The black one, really got me thinking of the elegance and simplicity that a nice balmoral boot holds. And this elegance is something that they knew how to capitalize on during my favorite time period: The Victorian Era. While I was too busy trying to create two tones for my collection, I think that my mind slipped a bit on offering simple, yet amazing classics such as that black boot. Don’t get me wrong, I have the classics, but looking at this makes me wish that I followed suit and made my black balmoral boot, have a black upper bit too. I guess it will have to wait until next year…..

One thing that I was really really impressed with, is this brown hiker boot that has become all the rage in the last few years. I really think it serves as the best looking wet/cold weather piece of footwear that the industry has ever really had to offer. As someone who hates clunky looking things, this boot above (if done right) serves as the perfect medium between practical for crap weather but still nice enough to wear with a nice shall collar sweater (jumper) and a pair of tailored jeans. Most hiking/wet weather footwear just isn’t elegant by any shape or form, but then again, it’s not really meant to be either. This is where this model serves as the perfect mixture all of the necessary elements needed to be used to create a shoe that fits easily in one’s collection. I have a pair myself, but if must be honest, it’s quite a cheap version that I picked up in desperation…..I wished that this one would have been ready for sale the day that I was there, as it would a great addition to what I feel is going to be a cold and wet season here in London!

Now, being the naughty boy that I am, I just couldn’t help but indulge in one of the models that they came out with last Spring/Summer, one that I have been dreaming about since I first saw it in pictures. And that is the lovely green suede chukka boot with natural colored sole that you see below. Outside of the Miro loafer, I think that this is my favorite model of theirs. First and foremost, I just love a chukka boot, as it’s so practical in my eyes and secondly, the color options that they offer for it are all lovely to say the least!

5 thoughts on “Septieme Largeur Fall/Winter Product”

  1. What Andrey said! I hope they will offer more options on their “206” last; I’ve been wanting to try this maker for a long time.

    Congratulations, Justin, that’s a great looking boot.

  2. Hi Justin,
    excuse me for posting this OT here. I am considering switching my leather shoes preference to faux leather counterpart, for ethical reasons. I want to know if you have ever had experience with this kind of stuff, expecially for what regards shoe-care. I know faux leather is very different from the real one, but I would miss shoe-shining too much 🙂


    – giuseppe

  3. Joeyi – see comment below

    Andrey – Thanks for that!! Nice to hear that we have the same taste 🙂

    Alex B – Thank you sir!

    Giuseppe – I have no experiences with this unfortunately, as I am quite a classicist and would probably never try one….but I understand your ethical dilemma…sorry I can’t be of more help.


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