As you can imagine, I have a collection of images that must range in the thousands and because of that, it can become quite difficult remembering what I have and what I want to put up. I am constantly just browsing the net, saving dozens of pictures at a time, of all of the beautiful and unique shoes that I come across. Because of that, and having so darn many, I have to literally just peruse around my folders looking for inspiration for each post. But the nice thing about it is that it’s almost like finding little treasures that you forgot about, like a $20 in your trouser pocket! So when I came to these mid-height jodhpur boots by Rider Boot Co., I was quite excited, as I find their design to be truly lovely. To me, the best jodhpur boots leave the face of the boot clean looking, not having the strap coming around it, as these don’t. That way, you get the lovely and undisturbed profile of a blank canvas from toe to top of boot. I think that the other detail that really attracted me to these was the fact that the strap has a lovely curve at the bottom of it, instead of just being straight and boring. It flows with the ambiance that the stitching, around the rest of the boot, creates. Nothing has a sharp angle, it’s all fluid. That, to me, is lovely. It’s all in the detail….as always!

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