Today’s Favorites – Monks To Die For by Aubercy

Today's Favorites - Monks To Die For by Aubercy

Being that Envy is one of the great 7 Sins, I must be one of the biggest sinners of all, as when I see shoes like this, I am completely envious of whoever owns them! That being, I must say again that great shoes are created by the great shoemakers, such as Aubercy, that understand how to match a pattern to a last. For example, have you ever seen a good looking full brogue on a thin, pointy last? No, and that is because all good shoemakers know that the pattern of a full brogue, due to it’s heavily perforated nature and wing cap, looks better on a more robust and rounded last. Now, an austerity brogue (one that does not have perforations but just the lines of where they should be) on the other hand, can look good on a pointy last, as the pattern is more sleek and less cluttered. Understand??? That being, this pattern, for me, fits perfectly with this last and that toe shape. Another example if I may, being that we are on the subjects of monk straps, patterns and lasts is that if you start to pay attention, you will notice that a double monk, can look good on most lasts as the double buckle provides a good way between dress and casual. However, a single monk, such as this, will always look better on a more pointed/sleek last, as the nature of the single monk is more dressy and elegant looking. Food for thought for all of you shoe freaks…..!

Today's Favorites - Monks To Die For by Aubercy

5 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Monks To Die For by Aubercy”

  1. I’ve seen this balmoral/monk hybrid elsewhere I think – trying to remember, but I’m sure it’s on this blog!

    Either way, this one from Aubercy is stunning, like pretty much all of their shoes. I want. Badly!

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