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The French never cease to amaze me when it comes to being stylistically and colorfully creative in the world of shoes. Here you can see that shoe designer Marc Guyot achieved just that by slightly modifying the design of the common derby model. What I like most about it, is that the extra piece of leather gives you the chance to add another color into the mix, as Mr. Guyot did as well. While I have always been more the fan of an oxford, what I like about a derby such as this, is the fact that vamp extends so high up, giving the shoe a very clean and elegant look. Only in these instances could a derby sway my interests in the oxford!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Marc Guyot’s Unique Derby”

  1. so much beauty in such an under-appreciated everyday essential. I really like the last pair. What is a practical and realistic way to access these shoemakers?
    What are you currently working on nowadays?

  2. Calvin – Probably the most realistic way is to first search the site to find stockists outside of France or just send direct emails. Most of these companies are so small that the owners are the one’s checking the emails. Marc Guyot’s website comes with an English option and it does work. As far as what I am doing. I have just been trying to sort myself out in England, as I just moved here a few months ago. My latest shoe venture you can see here:

    I just haven’t had time to finish them but when I do I will be immediately ready to go on my next pair!

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