The shoes made by Pierre Corthay are simply indescribable. I wouldn’t know what to do if I actually could afford to own a pair. Take this shoe for example, I would have a love/hate relationship with it. Part of me would want to wear the hell out of it and rock it proud on the streets of England but another part of me would want to stick it on my shelf as a piece of art to admire. I would be torn! Aaagghh, I am torn just looking at this pair. If only I was good enough to make something of this nature. It seems like he made the shoe, created the patina and then applied the applicator in order to create a patent shoe. I feel like I could do such a thing but I am not so confident that it would come out even close to these. But that leaves me with something to think about. Creating the amazing patina from scratch might actually be the hardest thing, but I would not be opposed to giving it a go!

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