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Today’s Favorites – John Lobb Wingtip Brogue

Picture Courtesy of Steps & Style

Today has been a manic day and therefore I will not be writing much, as I don’t have a lot of spare time, but in reality, what there is there to say? This pair of John Lobbs (Paris) is absolutely epic, as they always are are….I tell you, that while JLP would not be in my favorite, I can really say that I have ever been less than amazed by the RTW shoes that they make, and the styles that they manage to come up with. They have such slight particularities about them being so subtle that you might not even catch them. One of them would be the fact that the balmoral piece (top) in this shoe is stitched on top of the vamp, as opposed to underneath it as most pattern makers would design it. Subtle, yet distinguishable. Lovely shoe, beautiful in fact. I would wear these proudly.

On another note, I have some news. First, I will be heading back to my lovely hometown of Seattle for two weeks starting on May 24th. This means, that while keeping up with the blog is always one of my highest priorities, it will take a back seat while home. Don’t worry though…this just means that instead of 5 posts a week, it might just be 3. Second, I am going to start to hosting ‘Polish Contests’ whereby, you (the readers) can shine your shoes, send me pics and then I will judge the 10 best, post those on the blog and then let the people decide whom the top 2 will be. They will win prizes. I will be doing this monthly to start and might even make it bi-monthly depending on the popularity of it. That being, start getting prepared and your polish skills in order. I should post this up by June 1st to kick it off.

Be well and to all those enjoying the sun right now, I am jealous of you!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

4 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – John Lobb Wingtip Brogue”

  1. This is absolute class, the perfect example of “less is more”. It’s just a brogued balmoral, all navy. That’s it. And even the details there for the enthusiast don’t tell the story. It’s just the shape. The last, the proportions, the sheer perfection of it. This is one exquisite shoe!

  2. Please excuse the ignorance but what is the difference between John Lobb and John Lobb Paris? More to the point – where can I get these shoes in London?!

  3. Alex – Definitely!

    Llywelyn – John Lobb Paris is a name owned by Hermes, who purchased the rights to distribute shoes under this name for RTW and bespoke. John Lobb St. James is the original company located in London on St. James st. who is bespoke only and has been making shoes since the dawn of time.

    Gentleman90 – Indded!


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