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Today's Favorites - John Lobb Saddle Shoes

I never tire of seeing how many different ways a saddle shoe can be executed, especially when the color combinations are quite bold and unusual, such as this model by John Lobb. Buts what’s funny about it is that I plucked this from a French website (Souliers), thinking that it was some bespoke (or at least MTO) model, as the title of the photo had the word ‘customisee,’ (apparently I am much worse at French than I thought) but then noticed the big, fat circled “R” on the inside which usually indicates a reject model. If these are both the case, it’s such a shame…I wonder what the customer did not like about them? Nevertheless, I find them stunning and would gladly take them off John Lobb’s hands……(it’s nice to dream about being rich). In particular, what I find most appealing and unique is the perforations on the saddle. To me, they are simply and effortlessly amazing! Something that is so small in design yet so big in separating itself from the others….that’s what good design is all about….!

5 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – John Lobb Saddle Shoes”

  1. Hi,
    Nice to see my shoes here!
    These are indeed rejects from the factory, but I could never tell why, apart from the fact that they were white when I bought them. I coloured them myself along with 5 other pairs.
    The shine is good old hand polishing, quite easy to obtain on Lobb.

  2. Xavier – They look good nonetheless, so if they are rejects or not, who cares?! You did a fantastic job, and I noticed the rest of them on En grande pompe….I plan to do a post about all of them…you do good work…keep it up and feel free to send me pictures in the future!


  3. Hiya,
    I’ll send you some more up to date pictures if you like, after I did a bit more work on a few of them.

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