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I wanted to try and squeeze out my usual long-post that I do on Mondays, but I simply have not had enough time, as I prepare for my flight to Spain and such. But as I hate to leave my blog content-less for too long, I figured that I would give you a little tidbit to hold you over until I get back on Thursday. I know that I have been showing a lot of boots lately but I just can’t help it as the majority of lovely things that I have been seeing, are in fact boots. This one above by Caulaincourt (go to site at your own risk, my computer denied access) just might take the cake however. The mix between tweed, colors, a touch of burnishing and brogue detail were simply perfect, not leaving a single trace of lack in style or aesthetic. And while I had always heard of this brand before, but never really putting much thought into them, I will now definitely keep them on my radar after seeing these bad boys….

Well, it’s that time to be off now, as I head out to have a quick lunch before my flight. Optimistically thinking, my prototypes will be all sorted out by the time I come back, but realistically speaking, I will at least have one (if not more) round of corrections. Just know that after much talk about releasing my own shoe line, it is creeping upon realization. Thanks to all of those that have been loyal in following my progress, I only hope that I do not let you all down….

Enjoy your week and be back on Thursday!

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

6 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Caulaincourt”

  1. Justin…one word describes these: “NASTY”! These are absolutely gorgeous…everything about these is stunning. Thanks for sharing – safe travels!!

  2. Gorgeous boots, altough I am by far not a tweed fan.
    Good luck with the prototypes! I hope to see a wholecut loafer in your collection, if not for the first round, maybe later…

    Have a safe trip back,

  3. It seems you really focus on the more ‘out there’ types of shoes.

    I have seen this trait with other people similar to you-i.e. independents trying to make a start. Is this calculated- i mean a differentiator- or just a normal characteristic of independent shoe enthusiasts??

  4. Anon – I am indeed myself…!

    Ramsay – Thanks Ramsay, they are indeed a beautiful pair.

    Valeriu – The wholecut loafer will definitely be apart of the first collection…so be on the look out!

    Anon – I disagree. I do, yes, show many ‘out there’ types of shoes, but if you look thoroughly through my blog, you will notice that I also put many classic shoes too. If I did not put the crazy shoes up there, where would people find them? In a GQ or Esquire magazine? I don’t think so…I try to put up everything, classic, non-classic, old, new etc. But yes, I do appreciate something that looks as if it took a bit of effort to think up, not just boring black cap toes, that every shoe brand in the world has made a pair of. How many people would read my blog if I did that? Probably not many….

    As far as your question goes, I cannot speak for others, but when trying to enter a saturated market, one does need to find a way to differentiate them self, one way or another…

    Martin – Thanks Martin, glad that you enjoy the blog!


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