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For the longest time, the adelaide oxford often came in the same format as a cap toe brogue with adelaide facing and heel counter, all with brogueing. Every maker made it like this….until now.

The world and shoe design is evolving and I, for one, am pleased to see it. And funny enough, the Spanish shoemakers have done a good job at this, for the adelaide oxfords of the industry. Carmina was the first with their clean toe adelaide whose brogueing extended back to the heel. Then you had Ramon Cuberta’s super unique and sharply designed adelaide that was impressive, to say the least. And now TLB Mallorca has done a version, equally unique with a long sloped point, extending quite far down on the side of the vamp which has really peaked my interest.

The funny thing is that I am not normally a fan of sharp points and aggressive lines/design. But for some reason, I really love this adelaide. The sharp point paired with the clean toe with medallion and last shape creates a perfect ensemble of harmony for me.

Made using their Artista Construction (a blog post on this coming soon) and priced at ~ €350 outside of the EU, its a very competitve shoe at a great price for the quality received. It’s no wonder TLB Mallorca has done so well in a relatively short amount of time.

I most certainly look forward to seeing their next projects and do stay tuned here for more as I will definitely be in the loop and sharing it on the blog!