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The World of Shoes - Dimitri Gomez
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A new shoe website has recently been born, naturally looking to encompass everything shoes: from selling, to educating, to listing out every brand ever invented (worth mentioning that is) and all the rest that a good blog/website comes with. While it is still in its infant stages (building a proper website takes A LOT OF TIME!!!), ‘The World of Shoes‘ looks to become something of a cross between Mr. Porter and and encyclopedia of shoes. Imagine that. And while some might associate Mr. Porter with fashion it is actually a very well put together and educational website (i.e. what has become the modern day magazine but in online form and with lots more -good- content). There is a brand directory that lists about 400 brands, a lot of which I have never even heard of. That’s proper research.

But what intrigued me was a short and sweet article about Dimitri Gomez whom I feel to be one of the most underrated bespoke makers (i.e. not mentioned enough) in the world. And then what caught my breath even more was this amazing dark alligator derby that was mind-blowing beautiful and I knew that I had to share it with all of you, because even if you don’t appreciate exotic leather, it is hard not to appreciate this amazing shoe.

Therefore, as all of you like shoes (hence why you are reading this blog) I suggest you take a peek at The World of Shoes and bookmark it for future reference.

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  1. The World of Shoes

    Thank you for the kind words!

    We couldn’t agree more about the Dimitri Gomez shoes – they are indeed stunning.

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