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Aubercy Courtesy of High-Toned

I have always loved Aubercy shoes, not only for the immaculate footwear they sell but for what the brand (and mainly the people behind the brand) stands for. And what they stand for is passion and excellence above all, i.e. doing things from the heart and not for the money. That is why you can’t really buy Aubercy shoes outside of Paris (save for a rare selection of a few shops), as they would rather make sure that a shoe is sold properly than to just get a sale and possibly have their shoes sold in some shop where the sales assistant says anything to make the sale as opposed to saying the right thing that explains why the shoes are worth the money they cost.

Aside from my love for their shoes, what is great is that their bespoke program is back and is making exquisite footwear (they had a hiccup as the previous maker had left). Here you can see the just one of the beauties that they have recently created. To see a few more check the link below, especially the immaculate two toned oxford that is mind-blowing amazing!!!

All pictures courtesy of High Toned

009-Aubercy-Grande-Mesure 010-Aubercy-Grande-Mesure

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