The Whole Cut Loafer - The New Most Versatile Shoe....EVER!

In the early days of the blog, back in 2010, I had a different outlook on shoes, style and ultimately, life. Due to that different outlook, I felt that the most versatile shoe ever was the brown full brogue. While still appealing to me as a shoe that can literally be paired with almost any outfit, I guess that my criteria for versatility no longer simply means ‘what can be worn with any outfit,’ but rather ‘what would look best worn with any outfit.’ This is where my feelings have now changed in regards to the model of shoe that ultimately fits that criteria best. And while I still feel that the brown full brogue looks good with nearly everything, I am starting to feel that the whole cut loafer looks even better!

The Whole Cut Loafer - The New Most Versatile Shoe....EVER!
Gaziano & Girling bespoke model
The Whole Cut Loafer - The New Most Versatile Shoe....EVER!
Alfred Sargent
The Whole Cut Loafer - The New Most Versatile Shoe....EVER!
Edward Green Bamford

My love for the whole cut loafer was birthed during my time with Stefano Bemer. Before that, I don’t think that I ever even realized what it was. And thinking on it now, it is funny how life turns out and how things that occur always eventually have a point and some meaning to them. What I mean by that is the fact that the first shoe that I was ever allowed to make for myself, was a rejected upper that Stefano just gave to me because “it was there” and thus had no value to him. And that rejected upper was no other than the lovely whole cut loafer model that you see at the top of the page. My question to myself is what if he never gave me that upper. What if it would have been something else? Would I still be writing this post, and would I still have a love for them as I do now? Who knows, but one that I do know is that life is funny like that….

The Whole Cut Loafer - The New Most Versatile Shoe....EVER!

The Whole Cut Loafer - The New Most Versatile Shoe....EVER!

The Whole Cut Loafer - The New Most Versatile Shoe....EVER!

When creating my shoe range, I thought a lot about each and every model that I wanted to come out with and how I wanted to differentiate myself from the rest. I noticed that while of course, I was not the pioneer to offering whole cut loafers, the only ones that did were the likes of G&G and EG, but they were never a model that was always available, more of a seasonal offering and not to mention that they are in a category of price that 98% of the world cannot afford. Therefore, as no one else really took to it, I wanted to make them a staple piece for my collection, as I knew that had they had been more readily available (especially for my price point) that they would be a popular model, particularly here in London. And funny enough, as one of my shoe models in general they have been my top seller.

The Whole Cut Loafer - The New Most Versatile Shoe....EVER! The Whole Cut Loafer - The New Most Versatile Shoe....EVER!The Whole Cut Loafer - The New Most Versatile Shoe....EVER!

For me, they simply look good with everything, literally. And the fact that they have a lowcut vamp means that you can show off your sock if you are a fancy character. But it doesn’t mean that you have to either. You could either go contrast like I did above, or be conservative and blending like my friend always does with his black pair of Laurelhursts. Either way, the loafer remains stylish and for me remains a versatile piece of footwear that can be worn every type of trouser. And I guess what separates it from the brown full brogue is the simply fact that it allows one to show some sock, a detail that can separate a smartly dressed man from the average….. And while this may sound pompous and big headed of me, I hope to plan a whole cut loafer culture, in the hopes to see more men wearing them around the world…Hush Puppies did it, why can’t I???

The Whole Cut Loafer - The New Most Versatile Shoe....EVER!
My friend wearing his Laurelhurst loafers casually smart, above and below

The Whole Cut Loafer - The New Most Versatile Shoe....EVER!


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12 thoughts on “The Whole Cut Loafer – The New Most Versatile Shoe….EVER!”

  1. Justin, you need to take photos or you and your outfits with the camera held lower – EVERYBODY looks like they have short legs when they take a photo of themselves in a mirror – the shortening perspective does not flatter. Not a criticism, more a suggestion from my own experience 🙂 warm regards S

  2. Your medallion is really good! I’m not a fan of double pleats, but the loafers are indeed versatile! They’re quite simple, but, being so rare, they’ll probably attract more stares than full brogues! Might I ask why the uppers were rejected?

    1. thanks John!! not sure why the upper was rejected…was in perfect condition….could have been that it ripped on the sides from lasting. It was meant for a bigger last than mine so on that bigger last, it might not have fit anymore if it did indeed have a rip from lasting, but since my last was smaller I was able to re-last it without worrying about the rip;…pretty sure that was the case…good for me!

  3. Tery Jaye Yazze

    simple in design, but still making a strong statement and when you model them, it stands out more. Great suit and loafers plus like the choice of the color of socks.

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