We Have All Gone Kiltie!
Edward Green MTO courtesy of Leather Soul

It’s amazing to watch a trend take off. One person creates the bold design and then everyone follows suit, in one way or another, creating their own version of the trend at hand. While I would say that the classic shoe industry is not so trend following as say the fashion industry, there are aspects about it that make it similar. One of the latest classic shoe industry trends, has been putting kilties (fringes) on all kinds of shoes, from monks to loafers to chukka boots. While I feel that this trend won’t last much longer, I feel excited about what the next one will be. Navy shoes is my prediction, more of them and lots of them, coming from all of the classic companies…After all, more often than not, navy is mistaken for black. And if that is the case, why can’t it be a color of shoe used for professional settings? Therefore, my prediction: MORE BLUE SHOES!


We Have All Gone Kiltie!
Gaziano & Girling
We Have All Gone Kiltie!
George Cleverley/Anthony Cleverley
We Have All Gone Kiltie!
Saint Crispins, courtesy of Leather Soul
We Have All Gone Kiltie!
Scarpe Di Bianco
We Have All Gone Kiltie!
Riccardo Bestetti
We Have All Gone Kiltie!


3 thoughts on “We Have All Gone Kiltie!”

  1. Blue is the colour of the sky

    Hurray for blue navy, then! Please, Carmina, offer again this marvellous oxford wholecut in blue you once showed in our catalogue!

    1. it’s not a fact, but it would appear to give a shinier appearance as the blue (on the black leather) seems to subtly create undertones that reflect light better…..

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