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The Updated Duck Boot

A lot of my inspiration as a shoe designer comes from shoes that were not necessarily ever part of the dress shoe industry but that had a look that intrigued me. Considering that I am part of the “classic” side of the shoe world, I have always thought about how to ‘dress-up’ these long time rugged classics so that they could integrate into my world. First I did my ‘Snoqualmie’ Hiking Boot and since then have been working on a modern day twist to LL Bean’s classic ‘Duck Boot.’ I have pretty much finalized them now (with only minor detail changes still needing to be done) and will be looking to release them next A/W using Horween’s famous Chromexel leather in Color 8 and Black.

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The Updated Duck Boot The Updated Duck Boot

This duck boot, paired with my upcoming button boots, means that I need to now relax and stop burning the midnight oil thinking of new models to create. Now I will sit back for a season or two and just create new colorways to existing models or samples that have been made in the past but never put into production……And a holiday is definitely in order!

The Updated Duck Boot The Updated Duck Boot The Updated Duck Boot

The Updated Duck Boot

The Updated Duck Boot

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