Button Boots Nearly There!!

After all of this time attempting to get my version of a Button Boot done, the day is nearly there and I am quite excited. I have just shined up these samples for photography and should have them go live as a pre-order sale on Mon/Tues the coming week. Then it will be another 2 weeks until I have the stock. That being, if you fancy a pair and want to make sure you get one, best stay tuned on those days. And if you really want to make sure you get one (or more), you can send me your email and I will email you as soon as they go live for pre-sale. The price will be 395 (ex VAT 329.17) so they are quite competitive in value/price for a button boot.

Will speak more about them, their color options, functionality etc. the day that they launch. Until then, think about the color that you want out of these four options!

Button Boots Nearly There!!

4 thoughts on “Button Boots Nearly There!!”

  1. thanks Chris!! Yes, based on how well these do, I will see about more bold options next year. No hooks coming with these. Designed them to be functional simply using your fingers to fasten/unfasten the buttons

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