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Creating a version of a penny loafer that has not been done before, can be quite challenging without making them too abnormal. What I am specifically referring to are the slits that you design that are apart of the strap that crosses the vamp. If you think about it, there are only so many ways that one can design them (the slits) without creating something that looks overly thought out aka not very classic. But when you do design something unique and fresh, it’s quite a nice thing to notice, even though it’s such a subdued part of the shoe. While some might find it a bit too obvious, I quite like what Enrile did with their classic apron loafer, by giving it two slits that resemble eyes. Then to top it off, as a special edition for Carnival, they added these extra strips of colored leather so that you can change them to look even more like a set of eyes, peering out. This amuses me because I always enjoy the ability to have options, options to change a small detail in your attire, particularly as I am such a moody dresser. Nevertheless, I appreciate seeing fun projects like this, and wouldn’t mind a pair myself, although I would definitely want brighter colored leather strips for my eyes…..!

6 thoughts on “The Shoes Have Eyes – Enrile”

  1. Hi Justin. Just want to express my gratitude for your fantastic effort of bringing something new to your readers attention everyday. I will keep following one of the best blogs on menswear! Thanks, Juha

  2. I’m not sure I’d want “eye shoes”, but it’s funny, as soon as I saw these I thought “that’s SO Justin”! A really nice pair of shoes with just one kinky twist. They could almost be from your own collection!

    They do look beautifully made. Who is this guy? I’ve seen the website now, but give us the low-down! He’s more expensive compared to other Spanish makers you’ve introduced – but worth it?

  3. These shoes left a “good, well-done” grin on my face, as opposed to the “My goodness, that’s what I call fugly” grin I usually reserve for shoes by D&G etc.

    They should probably come up with a moustache strap next.

  4. Juha – Thanks my friend, I appreciate that and am happy to hear that you enjoy the blog and all that it brings!

    Alex B – more of a MTO type of maker, shoes done with more handwork….

    Anon – not underneath a nice pair of jeans they wouldn’t!

    Benjy – you are too funny!

    Antonio G – Thank you my friend!


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